We are back in our building for Sunday services! Click the "ONLINE CHURCH" button for a video with more details.
One of our core values is that we have "Groups to Grow." We believe that growth happens in circles, not rows, so we've created an opportunity for you to grow in your faith by being a part of HUDLs. During this season of life, there are 3 easy ways to be part of a HUDL.

1. Attend the series

Each week during our weekend service Pastor Ben will be sharing about "Life-Giving Relationships." In this series, you will get practical tools to develop healthy relationships in every area of life. You can join us for one of our in-person services or online.

2. Gather with a group

We have created a resource for you to grow in your faith no matter where you are, the HUDL Podcast. We are currently encouraging everyone to gather a small group of people together to listen to these podcasts over lunch, dinner, a coffee run, in the car, while doing homework, whenever! Whether your group is husband and wife, friends hanging out or even just yourself, these podcasts are perfect ways to strengthen your faith and Christian walk. You can also join us on Tuesdays at 7pm for a safe environment to gather with other friends. We'll listen to the podcast together and wrestle through the discussion questions together safely.

3. Download our app

To listen to the HUDL podcast, you can download our app through your app store!

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