We are back in our building for Sunday services! Click the "ONLINE CHURCH" button for a video with more details.

How do i get help?

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

We realize the difficulty of this season and the impact it’s having on you and many people you know and love. Thousand Hills Church is doing everything we can to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those in our church and community. If you are in need, we want to help. Here are a few opportunities that can help you and your loved ones.

Thousand Hills is still having church! 

Despite the unusual circumstances we are currently faced with, God is still in control!  Just because we can't meet together in person, that isn't stopping us from spreading the light of Jesus. Below are listed the many ways for you to stay connected during this unusual season. 

Ways to stay connected

 Stay connected with us by liking our Facebook and Instagram pages. Every Sunday at 10:00 am we will host a live church service for you to join the Thousand Hills family!  We worship, we sing, and we listen to a message from God's word. Don't miss it! Throughout the week we will also post encouraging videos and messages to uplift your spirit. If you are looking for a more spiritual growth and making some new friends during this season, let us recommend the various classes  and groups that meet weekly on Zoom. For tips on how to login to Zoom click here.

Here are a few ways for you to let us know how we can care for you.