We are back in our building for Sunday services! Click the "ONLINE CHURCH" button for a video with more details.

Ways you can make a difference

Thousand Hills is still having church! 

Despite the unusual circumstances we are currently faced with, God is still in control!  Just because we can't meet together in person, that isn't stopping us from spreading the light of Jesus. Below are listed the many ways for you to stay connected during this unusual season. 

Ways to stay connected

 Stay connected with us by liking our Facebook and Instagram pages. Every Sunday at 10:00 am we will host a live church service for you to join the Thousand Hills family!  We worship, we sing, and we listen to a message from God's word. Don't miss it! Throughout the week we will also post encouraging videos and messages to uplift your spirit. If you are looking for a more spiritual growth and making some new friends during this season, let us recommend the various classes  and groups that meet weekly on Zoom. For tips on how to login to Zoom click here.

This May Be Our Greatest Opportunity

The Bible calls us “The Light of the World.” Light shines the brightest when it’s dark. Many people are facing great challenges. If ever there was a time for us to share the reason for the hope that we have, it’s now. Small acts of kindness can speak volumes in a time like this. Here’s a list of some simple ways you can bring hope today.

Partner with God to see lives transformed.

  • Pray for protection, blessing, and favor for medical   professionals, first responders, non-profit workers, and others continuing to serve and add value in the midst of  this crisis.
  • Pray for a cure to be found and the spread of this virus to end.
  • Pray for those you know who are struggling or vulnerable (the elderly, immunocompromised, and those who are sick or facing job loss).
  • Pray for wisdom to see opportunities to make a difference in these difficult times.
  • Pray for your loved ones, friends, and people in your network. Ask God to give you a word of encouragement for them.

Shatter Isolation through intentional communication.

  • Reach out to parents adjusting to this new normal and offer to teach a class or read a story to their kids through FaceTime.
  • Call those you know may be vulnerable (elderly, immunocompromised, etc.) to see how they are doing and if they need anything.
  • Check-in with family, friends, and those in your network.
  • Put encouraging notes on doors of neighbors, offering to help with whatever they may need. Download a printable copy here.
  • Join the Social App “Nextdoor,” and add yourself to the map, and share the sort of assistance you are available to give to those who live nearby. Find the link here.

Crush fear with generosity and honor.

  • Order takeout and buy gift cards to support local businesses during this time.
  • Continue to pay hair stylists, barbers, trainers, nail technicians, etc. as if you had kept your appointments.
  • Give a grocery store gift card to a single mom.
  • Have a meal delivered from a local restaurant to someone in need.
  • Offer to pay a bill for a family who is out of work.
  • Order a craft kit on Amazon and have it delivered to a family with kids.
  • Give to your church and causes you care about (many nonprofits are struggling now).

Love others and meet their needs.

  • Pick-up groceries or supplies for a shut-in person.
  • Call and ask to drop off snacks/care packages to healthcare workers and others meeting needs in this time.
  • Mow/clean up the yard of someone who is elderly or immunocompromised.
  • Donate blood. Many blood banks are in short supply.
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry.
  • Send encouraging notes to healthcare, police, and fire workers. You can even have your kids color them a picture using coloring pages like these.

Experience and live in the hope, peace, and wisdom God offers…It’s what the world needs most.

  • Make a decision to receive and rest in the peace that Jesus offers.
  • Notice and refuse to engage thoughts rooted in worry and fear.
  • Speak faith and hope to everyone you interact with, refusing to complain or grumble.

We’d love to hear from you! Share your stories and ideas of the ways you are making a difference and we’ll add them to the list!